Sofa Days

The last week I have been crippled with period pain and nausea. Ever since Sam has been born, about once a year I’ve had a really bad spell where the wave of cramping pain from simply standing up can make me sick. First couple of times scared the living daylights of me as I thought they may have been miscarriages it was that bad. Doctors can’t find any reason so just something I have to accept and be thankful it’s the exception rather than the rule. Means though that the last week was virtually a right off and we’ll probably struggle for the next couple too, as I tend to follow up with an emotional dip, when I really find it difficult to be in the company of other people. Bit of a balancing act between boys need to socialise and my need to lock myself away.

Anyway we did manage the usual maths and english bits.

Plus some science

Playing with gloop (cornflour and water) 
Jack and Pete testing optimal drying conditions by leaving wet socks everywhere!
A water cycle in a jar. We put clingfilm over a jar of warm water with a bag of ice on top. The idea was the water evaporated and then condensed on the clingfilm before falling back down as 'rain'. First two bits worked well, final stage took ages and wasn't very dramatic.
We also did the old fooling the brain trick. Put one hand in cold water, one hand in hot. Then one at a time take the hand out and pop it in tepid water. With one hand the brain registers the water as warm, the other as cold.

We also did some Egyptian crafts

pic of Sam the pharaoh
Sam the Pharaoh

Jack has been rereading all of the Harry Potter books, so we have started catching up on the films too and watched the first two this week.

We have also spent a lot of time curled up reading (bad Mum read until gone 11pm one night so we could finish it as we all enjoyed it so much).

pic of the front cover of book the Red Pyramid
Egyptian gods on the loose - fantastic!

Oh and Jack came home with an abundance of Cub badges, so I’ve been sewing.

pic of Jacks's Cub badges
Jacks's Cub badges

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