Solutions and Stories

Jack is looking at solutions so we have been

image of testing whether different substances dissolve
Testing whether different substances dissolve.
Image of Jack testing whether stirring speeds up dissolving.
Testing whether stirring speeds up dissolving.
image of Jack with a penguin that you grow with crystals
Growing crystals
picture of penguin grown from crystals
I'm impressed it worked!


Sam on the other hand has been working on telling stories.  We’ve used story maps, puppets and today we used ‘scene’ cards to start a story.

Here’s one effort

There was a huge castle and a knight who lived there called Icarus. Icarus was really nice but the castle was ruled by an evil king. Everyone in the castle hated the king.

After 12 months war broke out. 16 of the soldiers were attacking their own castle because they didn’t want the king any more because the king was an evil man and ruthless.

Soon the King was overwhelmed by the rebel fighters. And the was no one left of the big, bad king except some blood and the rest of the remains of the evil king were bones.

And they all lived happily ever after.



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