Southsea Castle

Friday brought a break from the heavy rain that had poured down all week.

We joined the home ed group at Southsea Castle for a look around.  Most of castle was closed for repair so there wasn’t actually much to look at.  But we played with the stocks.

pic of Sam in the stocks
Sam in the stocks
pic of Jack in the stocks
Jack in the stocks

And went up into the Keep, where they watched a video about the history of Southsea Castle and posed with Henry VIII.

Picture of Meeting Henry VIII
Meeting Henry VIII


We had a picnic and the kids played around the courtyard happily until we parents were scared off by the evil looks we were getting from a member of staff and retreated to the field outside.

Then it was Gunwharf for an ice cream and treating Sam to the Gap hoodie that he has been coveting for months so he could join the ‘club’.

Picture of Jack, Sam and Hannah in their Gap tops
The 'Gap freaks'

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