Good day

Things have been difficult lately. Jack is growing up too fast and we seem to be constantly battling one another.  Yesterday though was a ray of sunshine (literally as well as metaphorically).

Work was done efficiently, well and with enthusiasm.

I think Jack might have a future as a speech writer. Here are some eulogies for Julius Caesar.

Brutus: On this the saddest of days we are we to mourn Gaius Julius Caesar. He was the greatest military leader we ever had. He was a good consul and the longest dictator in that position. But it went to his head. He wanted to become king of the Romans. We had to kill him for the good of the republic. Caesar was like a brother to me but he became arrogant and power hungry. I wish we didn’t have to kill Julius but the republic depended on it.

Mark Antony: What has just been said is a lie. I have come not to praise Caesar but to give him a proper funeral. What Brutus has just said is a lie. Julius never wanted to be king. He wanted to make the Roman expanse of land larger and to make the republic a better and more powerful place. He was a husband, politician and warrior. He was what made the republic such a good place. Brutus and Cassius took away all of that.

Then we had a very pleasant afternoon going over to see Lisa, Harvey and Jamie for a couple of hours.

On the way home we stopped and picked up some shopping, Stopping for icecreams in the park.

Sam eating ice cream  Jack eating ice cream

Day ended with a table tennis tournament and then curling up to read Jennings with Pete.

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