Odd thought

Jack and I have been working our way through the Harry Potter films lately, topped off with a visit to the cinema today for The Deathly Hallows Part 2.

On the way home it struck me that more and more often days out are no longer about me taking Jack out for a treat, but instead I get to do things such as going to the cinema to see films I genuinely want to see and going to the theatre which I love.  Things which I haven’t done for years as it’s not Pete’s thing and my social life is dominated by the fact almost all of my friend’s are mums and we just don’t meet up without kids, and it’s no fun going on your own.

I don’t know whether to be slightly disturbed that I do more ‘date’ things with my eldest son than my husband or just pleased that my son is growing up into someone I share interests and genuinely enjoy spending time with.

Also not sure if the fact we share interests reflects the fact Jack is growing up or just that I’m becoming more juvenile.  We’re both ridiculously excited about the return of Doctor Who next week 🙂

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