The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan

cover of the throne of fire The Throne of Fire is the second book in the Kane chronicles series.  It picks up about 3 months after The Red Pyramid.                                                                                                                    Carter and Sadie are trying to find the book of Ra to summon him and defeat Apothis. Carter finds his girlfriend Zia in a tomb in Egypt and Sadie has the worst birthday ever in London. Meanwhile the House of Life is getting ready to destroy Brooklyn House where all Carter and Sadie’s pupils are hiding. Is Desyjrdin’s advisor Vladamier Menshikov really so friendly. On top of all that some of the gods are trying to stop them awakening Ra. Oh and they only have 5 days to find the three scrolls and awaken Ra. But they can move quicker with some wheels as they travel with Bes the dwarf.

If you liked the Red Pyramid then you’ll love the Throne of Fire.  The book is aimed at children aged 9+.

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