Back to ‘school’

After the summer break we’re now ‘back to school’.

Jack cracked on with some maths, english and science.

Including this newspaper report

Sam did some of his workbooks

Sam’s reading focused on ‘ng’ digraph so we dug out;

how much he read and how much he can quote from memory I’m not sure.

They learned introductions and family titles in Latin

Geography, we looked at coastal landforms and made a beach in a tray to show how beaches are washed away.  We started off by making some rock pillars from playdough and put them down one end of the tray (cheap cat litter tray – my top tip – anything involving glitter or paint or mess gets done in the tray).  Then we covered them completely in sand.  Poured water into the other end of the tray.  We then pushed a piece of card through the water to make waves.

French, we listened to the cds and the colours. They did their workbooks.

Then I made them some cards so they could play pairs.

We’ve spent time every day reading Goodnight Mr Tom, the book which forms the comprehension basis of Jack’s English this month.

Sam started some of the Ancient Greece pocket of his Ancient Civilization project.

Same also made a fossil cast of his hand.  We had been planning to do it in mud in the backgarden but the heavens opened just after I’d started mixing the plaster of paris, so had to have an emergency rethink.

We filled a bowl with play sand and wet it.  Then Sam pressed in his hand.

We filled it with plaster of paris (I had hoped to do just the hand but there was a lot of overflow).Waited for it to dry and ta da.

Jack started his seaside project

We found some sand art pictures when I was tidying my Rainbow cupboard so they made them for inclusion in project.

There has also been time for baking.  Jack made a chocolate fudge cake all on his own, and very nice it was too.

And we all made shortbread (plain, choc chip and my favourite ginger and dark chocolate).


Making explosions by setting fire to paper caps

Plus Cubs, seeing friends and joining in with tiedyeing at Rainbows (I was too busy dyeing myself and the church wall to take photos).


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