Jack’s Curriculum 2011

For once we begin the academic year with Jack working at the level he would be at school.  We’ll ignore the fact that in some subjects this is our second or third curriculum.

The plan is to spend less time focusing on Maths, English and Science and introduce new subjects and do more project work.



Realistically I suspect that this is not enough to last the year but we will bulk out, with Maths puzzles, try some test papers and probably start on some KS3 Maths books we have, if necessary.


Last year I did a lot of work with Jack on writing for different purposes and audiences (everything he was writing sounded like it came from a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book) and it has definitely paid off.  However, he is a bit fed up of writing exercises so this year the aim is quality not quantity.  I hope to encourage him to start planning a bit more.

We have also time for reading built into our days so we aim to read the books linked to the comprehension exercises in to Jack’s English book.




Jack wanted to use these

I’m not impressed.  So the plan is to take the themes from it and expand them into projects.

Plan is to look at;






These books form the core of our extension work


Both boys will be working together on Minimus.


These books are excellent because they work alongside each other.  The books address the same themes in the same order, but obviously the work in Book 1 is more in depth than that in the Elementary book.  This means we can study the main ideas and vocab together but boys can work at their own level.


Jack is doing drama lessons at New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth.


I hope to do a bit of music appreciation using this

Plus Jack has fortnightly piano lessons.


We will look at different artistic works and produce pieces inspired by them.

Project work

Jack is quite keen on the idea of these and as long as he remains so I will leave the entirely within his control.

He is starting with one about the seaside.



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