Jack’s Winning Poem

The challenge set to the local community (any age – not just kids) as part of the village festival, was a poem that was less than 200 words and included the word ‘smile’. I think they picked 5 winners and he has a £10 book voucher waiting for him so is a happy boy.

I am not sure this was exactly what they had in mind but I think it’s absolutely brilliant 🙂 🙂 The best poetry has some truth behind it and there is nothing truer than the last sentence 🙂


The Happy Jogger

He quickly jumped over the stile

He’d been running half a mile

He was going for a 3 mile goal

He did every step with a happy smile.


He was all smiles

as he ran 10 miles

He jumped over stiles

as he ran 10 miles.


But suddenly I don’t know when or how

Out of the field came a big, fat cow.

It gave the jogger something he didn’t want now

A pat on the head.


As he trudged home mile after mile

When you’re covered in cowpats it’s hard to smile.

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