Sam’s Curriculum 2011

For Sam focus remains on Maths and English, with everything else being mopped up with project work.

He will join Jack to study French and Latin.

I toyed with a more formal approach to Science but the book I bought looked boring so think we’ll stick to projects, joining in with Jack’s practical work and ad hoc investigations.


We’ll continue to work through a combination of Schofield and Sims and Heinemann.


We’ll continue with An Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading

We’ll use Schofield and SIms for handwriting, spelling and comprehension practice

And Developing Literacy worksheets for other aspects of English including creative writing


Both boys will be working together on Minimus.


These books are excellent because they work alongside each other.  The books address the same themes in the same order, but obviously the work in Book 1 is more in depth than that in the Elementary book.  This means we can study the main ideas and vocab together but boys can work at their own level.


I hope to do a bit of music appreciation using this


We will look at different artistic works and produce pieces inspired by them.

Project work

We will continue to work through Evan Moor’s Ancient Civilization History pockets

We also hope to look at


Ancient Greece (in more detail than the History pocket)


Ancient Rome (in more detail than the History pocket)

Human Body

British Monachy



But will go with the flow to some extent.

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