Slow Lane Day

Difficult to tell with the productive week we had, but we’ve all had colds and aches this week.  With a busy weekend ahead by Friday I needed a day off.

So we gave up on any ‘formal work’.

I got out the outgrown clothes in the cupboard, packed some up for a friend, chucked some, and put a ‘very small’ pile aside to wash for Sam.

Then there was some excitement as convinced I should have more clothes for Sam than that, we investigated the loft.  Cue two very excited boys.  Whereabouts of age 6-7 clothes remain a mystery though.

One of the things we did find was Jack’s old Beaver’s Uniform, which had to be tried on

Sam is a bit ambivalent about going to Beavers and Jack keeps trying to get him excited about it.  They spent some time looking at badges on the computer.

Then we started on the sewing kits that we bought on Thursday, still works in progress so photos to come.

After lunch we went to the post office and then they set up a restaurant with play food.  Most of this toy food came from my sister’s two and the boys have had it and played with it lots for years.  I’d got it out to pass it on, but they are not finished with it yet apparently.

Jack made a menu  After tea they played Monopoly (and it didn’t end in shouting and tears as Pete and I predicted!) A lovely chillin’ day


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