No photos but a good busy weekend

We went into Portsmouth and Jack spent the book voucher he had won.

Jack started a new drama class at the Theatre Royal in Portsmouth.  He seemed happy enough with it, and I had time to browse the fabric shop in my own time, I’d say bliss, but the shop is poor.  Perhaps I should have signed him up for lessons in Havant although not sure I could sustain the damage weekly Hobbycraft visits would do to my bank balance!

Then it was straight home and to piano.

Boys went out to play with friends and then it was time for Dr Who.

Sunday and Jack went to a water fun day with cubs.  Which for him meant several goes on the kayaks, he loves kayaking.  Came home very wet, not sure what did more damage capsizing or a tremendous thunderstorm when they were on the way home.

Sam went over the road to play.  First time I had let him go without Jack.

Peaceful evening watching football and reading rounded off a good weekend.

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