… Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness…

Or in this house lots of revision, OU exams, and several visits from Granddads.

For the first time in two and a half months I don’t have something major hanging over me ūüôā ¬†Work and life have plodded on amid the revision and visits but nothing very exciting and I’ve not been up to blogging.

Today has been a day of tieing up lose ends, tidying up and generally trying to get life back under control.

Heating has gone on over the weekend, winter is on the way, so time I showed you our autumn displays.

My favourite pieces this year are this gorgeous little acorn that Jack made completely on his own (apart from the cutting out of the pieces) from a kit by Paper and String

And these collages they did today. We cut green grass and glued it to blue card. Cut out a tree from brown card and stuck it on.  Cut the centre from a sheet of orange card and stuck it on and then decorated with some lovely foam stickers we got from Baker Ross.




Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian

Goodnight Mister Tom is by Michelle Magorian and is now a major TV adaptation. It is about a boy called Willie who is evacuated from London and is staying with a man called Tom. Then he makes¬†some friends and starts being called Will. Then he goes back to his mother who leaves him to die. Then he goes to a hospital and Tom kidnaps him to stop him from going to a¬†children’s¬†home. Then he goes home. Soon Will’s mum commits suicide and Tom adopts him. Then one of Will’s friends called Zach dies.
I like the way the people talk in the book. My favourite bit was when Will was trying to cope with Zach’s death. What I didn’t like was when Will was in¬†hospital. It was a bit scary and Sam thought so too. Sam was afraid of Will’s mum.
I reckon the book was brilliant and it was unputdownable. I would definitely recommend it for people from the age of 9 onwards.


It’s the small things…

Today was one of those days where all seems well with the world.

We waved off Grandpa Bob this morning, than sat down to work.

Sam’s reading is coming on in leaps and bounds and in spite of being introduced to a new concept in maths he was completely unfazed and rushed through it.

Jack also worked incredibly quickly and efficiently, maths was no problem and then he wrote a diary entry pretending he was a member of a British tribe in Roman Britain when news of Boudicca’s rebellion hit.

March 13th

I am so confused. I don’t know what to do. Oh right you don’t know about it sorry.

 I went out to the market today to get some barley and wheat. I heard rumours that Boudicca was rebelling against the Romans from the market stall holder.

 On one hand I want the Celts and Gauls to be free, but on the other hand, are the Romans that bad? They have let us become Roman citizens and have improved the drainage and our buildings.

¬†I know both sides are going to call me up to fight in there army. I don’t know what to do.

¬†Do I support Boudicca and freedom or do I support Caesar and civilisation? I don’t know?

If I support the Celts and they win my father will lose his job. I must fight for the Roman empire.

Sam made a Greek theatre mask



After piano practice it was Latin and we were finishing off the first chapter of Minimus so they made Latin birthday cards

and then they worked together to make some vocabulary cards. It is very seldom that I set them academic tasks to do together as Jack is not surprisingly far in advance.  But Latin is something that they have started together and Sam is holding his own which is nice to see.

After that we did a short Latin vocab test, read a couple of chapters of Goodnight Mr Tom and had some lunch.

After lunch Lisa kindly picked us up and we went around to play and drink tea for the afternoon.

Afterwards we decided to make the most of the weather before the Indian summer fades (which I think it already has, the wind has got up and it was raining when I brought the washing in), so we went straight to the beach.

Where there was more paddling (this time in swimming shorts not fully dressed!)…

…some swimming…

…snuggling up for warmth…

…more funny hair dos…

…and tossing of pebbles.

We rounded off with a healthy tea of chips and ice cream while we watched the sunset, before coming home and cuddling up on the settee to watch Planet Dinosaur.

What happened to Autumn?

I love Autumn; crisp fresh air, slight nip in the air, swapping my sandals for Uggs, the wonderful colours, no hayfever, being able to sleep…

I do not  like stifling heat and hayfever in October!

But, even I will admit playing in the sea at 5pm on the second day of October is an unexpected treat

At the sea with Grandpa Bob
Dipping in a toe...
...and a heel...
...this is quite fun...
And to end, a funny hairdo!

Plodding along

Hasn’t been a week of photos or excitement (at least not fun type) really.

Jack had an infection in his leg at the start of the week which slowed us down massively, but is much better now.

Books and work have been done.

Jack’s had two Gang Show auditions.

Thursday we met friends for lunch at Portsmouth City Museum. ¬†Where Jack and Oscar swapped some of their Dr Who cards. ¬†I can still remember the fun of this as a child. ¬†Sometimes I hate myself for becoming old and cynical and being the sort of person who finds themselves mentally trying to calculate how much a complete set would cost …

After that we went and collected Grandpa Bob from the station.

Friday we spent a lot of it at the library putting up a new display.