… Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness…

Or in this house lots of revision, OU exams, and several visits from Granddads.

For the first time in two and a half months I don’t have something major hanging over me 🙂  Work and life have plodded on amid the revision and visits but nothing very exciting and I’ve not been up to blogging.

Today has been a day of tieing up lose ends, tidying up and generally trying to get life back under control.

Heating has gone on over the weekend, winter is on the way, so time I showed you our autumn displays.

My favourite pieces this year are this gorgeous little acorn that Jack made completely on his own (apart from the cutting out of the pieces) from a kit by Paper and String

And these collages they did today. We cut green grass and glued it to blue card. Cut out a tree from brown card and stuck it on.  Cut the centre from a sheet of orange card and stuck it on and then decorated with some lovely foam stickers we got from Baker Ross.




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