It’s the small things…

Today was one of those days where all seems well with the world.

We waved off Grandpa Bob this morning, than sat down to work.

Sam’s reading is coming on in leaps and bounds and in spite of being introduced to a new concept in maths he was completely unfazed and rushed through it.

Jack also worked incredibly quickly and efficiently, maths was no problem and then he wrote a diary entry pretending he was a member of a British tribe in Roman Britain when news of Boudicca’s rebellion hit.

March 13th

I am so confused. I don’t know what to do. Oh right you don’t know about it sorry.

 I went out to the market today to get some barley and wheat. I heard rumours that Boudicca was rebelling against the Romans from the market stall holder.

 On one hand I want the Celts and Gauls to be free, but on the other hand, are the Romans that bad? They have let us become Roman citizens and have improved the drainage and our buildings.

 I know both sides are going to call me up to fight in there army. I don’t know what to do.

 Do I support Boudicca and freedom or do I support Caesar and civilisation? I don’t know?

If I support the Celts and they win my father will lose his job. I must fight for the Roman empire.

Sam made a Greek theatre mask



After piano practice it was Latin and we were finishing off the first chapter of Minimus so they made Latin birthday cards

and then they worked together to make some vocabulary cards. It is very seldom that I set them academic tasks to do together as Jack is not surprisingly far in advance.  But Latin is something that they have started together and Sam is holding his own which is nice to see.

After that we did a short Latin vocab test, read a couple of chapters of Goodnight Mr Tom and had some lunch.

After lunch Lisa kindly picked us up and we went around to play and drink tea for the afternoon.

Afterwards we decided to make the most of the weather before the Indian summer fades (which I think it already has, the wind has got up and it was raining when I brought the washing in), so we went straight to the beach.

Where there was more paddling (this time in swimming shorts not fully dressed!)…

…some swimming…

…snuggling up for warmth…

…more funny hair dos…

…and tossing of pebbles.

We rounded off with a healthy tea of chips and ice cream while we watched the sunset, before coming home and cuddling up on the settee to watch Planet Dinosaur.

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