Colds, books and things to come

Apologies for short and rare posts at the moment. Have spent the last three weeks really struggling to shake off rotten colds and failing badly.

Then we’ve been distracted by bookcases collapsing which has resulted in a major clear out and furniture rebuilding/rearranging.

Besides our normal academic work much of what we’re doing I haven’t wanted to include on the blog for professional reasons.

I’m working on writing an Art Course for Activity Village, which involves producing pieces inspired by famous works using a range of art materials and approaches.  We are having great fun with this and the boys have produced some wonderful pieces.  Need to pick a Da Vinci as I really, really want to see the new exhibition at the National Gallery.

And of course Christmas is on the horizon! As everyone else has been making Halloween crafts we’ve been busy making a mess with glitter and sequins as we work on Activity Village’s Advent Calendar.

Really excited about this year! Helps that I’m way on course to have done my part by mid November for once, rather than struggling to stay a few days ahead 🙂  Adina has produced some gorgeous pictures (we don’t always do the colouring part but will this year – envisaging a big display in my front window). The crafts are lovely and simple, not that I’m blowing my own trumpet – but I am genuinely really pleased with them, boys have worked hard to help and had fun doing so (helped by payment by blue nose friends!).  And the printables we’re creating are lovely too, helped by some gorgeous illustrations that are a pleasure to work with.



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