Halloween ranks nearly as high as Christmas in the boy’s calendar.  Costumes were planned far in advance. Even if I did only sew them up on Sunday!

Jack is ‘Death’ and Sam is his ghost assistant. He was ademant that he wanted a sheet with eyes cut out of it as a costume, for once an easy option.

We spent the day pottering about and produced these lovely ghosts, some jellies in the shape of pumpkins and some chocolate ghost and pumpkin biscuits.I finished off Sam’s bag and made him some little decorations using a free pattern from Paper and String

Jack also got a set of decorations and at the last minute decided he wanted a bag too.  So I used the motifs from the Paper and String pattern and some glow in  the dark thread and tada…Early evening some friends came over so after playing on the Xbox Kinect for a while and a spooky tea, it was time for some Trick or Treating.

My photo really doesn’t do justice to the effort this house made.  The window had an optical display, there were loads of talking statues, pumpkins in every window, one of the graves popped open and there was a ghost in the backgarden that waved over the fence.  Not to mention a fully dressed up Zombie opening the door and chasing people he recognised with a chainsaw.

At home we waved off Jamie and Harvey switched off all the lights and read by torchlight.

I must admit I was a bit of a misery about Halloween. I got dragged into Trick or Treating when Jack was young by the American mother of his best friend.  However over the years I’ve grown to really enjoy it.  The kids love it and there is a lovely atmosphere out on the streets around here.  Trick or Treating has become so much the norm.  It seems an unspoken rule that people only knock on marked houses.  We had to bring stuff in abot 6.30pm though as dispite doubling the amount of sweets from last year and baking two dozen cakes, we ran out!


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