Now Sam is 6

I think I’ll be six now for ever and ever.

A A Milne’s words not Sam’s, although he likes being 6 very much, apparently.

Which is not really surprising as his birthday brought about a week of treats.

Monday was his actual birthday and presents were opened amidst the gambolling about in excitement.

One of his presents was a s tool kit and a load of balsa wood and dowelling.  The morning was spent with constructing.

At some point the boys abandoned Pete to it and went off to build Sam’s new Lego kit

The finished boat 🙂

In the afternoon they had friends round to play, made a lot of noise and ate a very gooey cake.

Bit gaudy but exactly what he wanted

Tuesday we caught the train to Cardiff to stay with Grandpa Bob.

At Bob’s as ever there was lots of chess

Weds we went to the theatre to se Horrible Histories Awful Egyptians.

Lunch at KFC, with Tatty Puppy (birthday present)

Then to the Build a Bear workshop

Kitty 2 (Sam's) and Daniel (Jack's)

And then killed a lot of time pottering in the Lego shop, building some minifigures to take home.

Thurs was a pottering day.  They washed our, yes that’s right, OUR car.  Ready for Pete to arrive mid afternoon to practice driving it.

Friday we were back at the theatre for the Ruthless Romans




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  1. Oh, Sam’s birthday looks great!! I love the Build-A-Bear pets the boys got, Hannah is after a cat like Sam’s now!!
    Did i just read that right, do you have a car?? How fab!!!

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