Christmas is Coming…

…and over the last week I can feel the change as we take the foot off the pedal a bit.  Concentrating more on finishing off projects, crafts and socialising.

The game of the moment is ‘cars’.  They have spent a long time pouring over the atlas planning their round the world trip.

And Twister!

Last night was a christmassy night!  At Rainbows Sam joined in, making reindeer food.  Which we appear to have lost but probably just aswell as the glitter leaked through the organza bags I’d bought.  The church floor was very sparkly despite a lot of sweeping.

When we got home I sent them upstairs where they found I’d treated them to (much needed) new pjs and a not so necessary but much wanted Blue Nose Friend and a new book to share.  I got lots of cuddles (although Jack’s were by proxy – he sent Sam down to give me a cuddle when he found them and then I got a lot of cuddles from the rabbit) and thank yous.  I can’t surprise Jack very often anymore, he’s too old and cynical, so I love seeing his genuine delight.

They hung and filled their fabric advent calendars which I made many years ago now 🙂

And put up the Blue Nose Friend picture ones that I couldn’t resist.

Then we snuggled down…

…switched on the electric fire, turned off the lights and read our new book by torchlight.

Today they coloured the first picture from Activity Village’s online calendar.  Jack’s is an alien house and we are displaying them in the window. Sam is standing his up to make a model village.

We used the stocking frame from the Activity Village calendar to write their Santa letters.

Then Jack did a bit more work.  I’d said a mornings work of his choice so he wrote up a report about Eid as part of his Islam study (Cubs badge 🙂 ).  Then we cuddled up and read some of Wreck of the Zanzibar by Michael Morpurgo, the book from Jack’s English chapter.  Lunch in front of Blue Peter.  Then they played ‘cars’ and computer while I fixed a very wobbly computer cupboard and wrapped 30(!) Christmas presents for the Rainbows ready for Santa to bring next week.




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