Merry Christmas

This week hasn’t gone to plan really.  It was supposed to be a social, catching up with friends week. But heavy colds here (poor Jack has been very poorly, most unlike him)  have led to a very quiet week.  Lots of sleeping, reading, playing Xbox…

 …and baking.

Jack made some cupcakes completely on his own (and very nice they were)
A gingerbread house which collapsed spectacularly but made a nice treat for breakfast one day.
And a biscuit tree (Nigella's butter biscuits we love them and I use them for everything)

We also finished off the 1000 piece jigsaw that  bought in one of those ‘won’t that be a nice family thing to do’ moments.  Well I did about 95o pieces and Jack jumped in at the death to finish it off and get the glory.  Sam was good at finding edge pieces and Pete refused any involvement at all.

And of course we picked up the pottery reindeers.

And decorated.  I will admit we do tinsel, but only good thick stuff that we’ve had for years.  The rest of our decorations are either home made or have been picked up in Christmas markets etc as part of days out.


This morning we completed the Advent Villages from Activity Village

Then went off to a panto.  I can firmly say that back in my teenage years I would never imagine seeing anyone from Steps on stage.  But ‘H’ in giant red dungarees and stripy tights doing the Tragedy dance accompanied by a drag queen well the mind boggles.  Weird things happen when you’re a parent.

And a bit off pottering round the shops.  They bought a blue nose friend each with some Christmas money.  Sam’s is called Hannah 🙂

Then home for treasure hunt, Christmas eve present (pjs, slippers, books, mug, cuddly toy and something homemade), bath, hot chocolate, Merlin and bed.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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