The wreck of the Zanzibar

The wreck of the Zanzibar is about this girl called Laura who lives on the island of Scilly. She has always wanted to row in the gig. Her twin brother Billy leaves home to travel the world while Laura stays on Scilly to milk the cows. Laura finds a half dead turtle on the beach and she and her granny May stop the gulls from eating the turtle and send it out to sea.  Then terrible winds hit the island and the cows are killed. The people on Scilly start to starve. Then a wreck happens and when Laura’s father twists his ankle Laura has to row out to rescue the sailors. She finds her brother Billy on the ship and lots of food and stuff. The people of Scilly are happy with food and cows. Billy tells people the ship was called the Zanzibar. Then a turtle washes up. Laura thinks it is her turtle but it is a masthead of the Zanzibar Billy claims the masthead and keeps it calling it Zanzibar.

At the start of the book there wasn’t much going on so I thought it was a bit boring. But as the book got on I really liked it. It was cool. I would definitely recomend this book. I thought it was a good plot and I liked trying to figure out what Zanzibar was towards the start of the book. I liked it when Laura rowed out in the gig and when she and Granny May looked after the turtle.

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