2011 – A year in stitches

I love to sew!  Cross stitching in particular.  Incredibly satisfying watching a picture build up.  Thanks to an OU course this last year I haven’t had as much time as I’d have liked for sewing but have managed a few projects.

This vase of flowers was supposed to be a Christmas present for my Mum 8 years ago, but she passed away before it was completed.  Not able to get rid of it or finish it, it sat in my cupboard for 7 years until I dusted it off earlier in the year and completed it for my lovely aunt who has been unwell.  Unfortunately while framing it I got on ink stain on it, hence the crafty quote tucked in the frame.

My oldest friend married in the summer so there was a wedding sampler to make.

And Christmas presents for the boys

And for friends’ children.

I’ve fitted in some smaller projects and in between others working on a rare project for myself.

One of my main new years resolutions is to make more time for stitching.  A collection of new kits for Christmas and some new babies on the way (love stitching for little people) should help with motivation.

Also hope to pick up knitting and crochet again.

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