B***** Men are like B***** Buses

In the words of Wendy Cope.

Actually I have nothing against men, in general they seem less complicated and therefore easier company than women.  Buses on the other hand…

Here goes the rant!

Friday didn’t start well.  I wanted to go and get my passport form checked at the post office before we met friends in Portsmouth. No, we are not going anywhere but you try opening a bank account, even one for a community group, without a passport or driving license – whole other rant there!  First I couldn’t find the photos I’d had taken and had to turn the house upside down and leave it in a mess as I’d have missed the bus if I’d have stayed to tidy up.  Then they were not good enough (you are not supposed to wear glasses apparently) so I had to get another set done and now have to get them resigned! Not difficult but annoying.

But it was on the way home that the day really deteriorated!  As we got to the ferry it started hailing.  The boys hate hail! Read tears! And it was only at that point that I discovered the hood was missing from Sam’s coat (helpfully at home on the hall floor).  Jack was adamant that walking along the high street to the supermarket so I could pick up the bits for Rainbows next week wasn’t going to happen so we went for the bus, despite it being the ‘school’ bus which runs through the local secondary school and is horrendous!

But while we were waiting another bus pulled in.  Clearly said Lee on Solent 87A on the front – shall we get that I said? “Longer journey but without the hoards of rowdy teenagers”. Jack jumps on.  I give ticket to bus driver and he checks it and lets us on.  All well until we get to Rowner (north Gosport – dump!) and he decides to tell us that he doesn’t in fact go to Lee and we’d have to get off.

Not a huge problem I think we’re less than 10 mins from home, we’ll get a taxi (the last bus to Lee was an hour earlier at 2.15pm!).  However owing to the pouring rain and frequent hail storms there is not a taxi to be had in all of Gosport for at least 40 mins.  Bearing in mind we are in the middle of a scummy housing estate, with the only shelter being a Tesco Metro which if I’d have tried to spend 40 mins in would have resulted in me being arrested for shoplifting – which on consideration might have got me home quicker. Having established that Pete was still at work (having gone by bus) and therefore no help, I thought we’d walk as it is only a couple of miles and not an unreasonable distance as we walk a lot.  This was not received well on account of fear of the hail – cue sobbing from Jack.

Only option was to wait 15 mins for the bus back to Gosport and then catch one home from there.

Only the bus was 20 minutes late and then proceeded to get stuck down a side street for 15 mins. Where the driver had to get out of the bus and knock on doors to find people to move cars blocking the way.

On the plus side we changed buses at the end of town and I managed to nip in and get the bits I needed for Rainbows after all.

Maybe I should bite the bullet and learn to drive.  But I just have this fear of killing someone when I sneeze.

3 thoughts on “B***** Men are like B***** Buses”

  1. Ah – misread it. You’re saying that I might in general be better company than women, but not necessarily better than a bus. Still a result though.


  2. Will you stop picking holes! 😛
    You know full well I meant I have something against buses 😡
    Better go and see what stupid comment you’ve added to the jelly pot post.

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