Cabinet War Rooms and Imperial War Museum


Earth has not anything to show more fair:

I love London! As part of our attempt to get out more boys and I went up yesterday.

To mark the start of our WW2 project we walked from Waterloo, through Westminster to the Cabinet War Rooms, the underground room bunker from which the war cabinet ran.  It was dark and photo quality is poor but…

The Cabinet Room
Transatlantic telephone room - apparently it was top secret and everyone at the time was led to believe it was Churchill's private loo.
Boys in the Churchill museum - which to be honest even I found dull.
Chiefs of Staff Conference Room...
...complete with a doodle of Hitler on the wall
Boys with their audioguides
Heads of Armed Forces at work
Churchill's Bedroom

Then it was back over Westminster Bridge

stopping for a quick look at Boudicca

to the Imperial War Museum.  Where we met up with Lindsay owner of Activity Village for lunch.  Not sure it   quite classes at a business lunch, difficult to be professional when you have to interrupt to ask someone to not lick out their pot of jelly.  Rather an enjoyable catch up.

I won’t say what these are photos of as I don’t actually know or care. Sure Jack can tell you if you ask.  Think there is a Matilda there somewhere

Made the mistake of going into the Blitz experience, somehow I was under the impression it was something to walk around.  But when we were told to sit down as soon as we went in and I relised there was a group of us sitting in an ‘airraid shelter’.  Boys got around it with their hands over their ears and several reassuring pats and promises of it will be over soon. Oops.  We decided to skip the Trench experience 🙂

Lovely day though.





2 thoughts on “Cabinet War Rooms and Imperial War Museum”

  1. Just caught up with your blog! Your new year plan sounds good 🙂 , shame you won’t be at group though 🙁 . Looks like you had a good trip to London and i’m very impressed that the boys got through the Blitz experience!!

  2. Yes, don’t take Hannah! 🙂
    We’ll catch up other times rather than at groups. Sam is keen Hannah meets ‘Hannah the Robin’! He named his latest Blue Nose friend after her 😀

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