Large Family Tapestries

Following the visit a couple of weeks ago, to the D-Day Museum in Portsmouth, we decided to make our own embroideries in the style of the Overlord Embroidery (appliqué).

Unfortunately the boys enthusiasm for the project lasted as long as we were in the fabric shop.  The fact that we have a finished result is down to sheer bloody-mindedness on my part with liberal doses of bribery, corruption and threats.  But everyone is happy with the end results 🙂

Having bought the fabric we started of with simple sketches of what they wanted.

Sam's sketch
Jack's sketch


We then simplified these down into simpler shapes and cut out the fabric.

Sam's design

Jack's design


Then of course we had to sew them together.  In general we stuck to simple running/back stitch

The Overlord Embroidery tells a story so here are our finished works with the stories to go with them.


the   first     blue   nose  friends

tatty  teddy  fond  a  bode   he   hud   a   giglig   sord  the   end

(Tatty Teddy found a body, he heard a giggling sound)



George  the 4th

George the 4th was about to eat a pie. When he ate the pie he fell over dead. So George went to the underworld. He went into heaven and saw a room full of pies. Then he saw a room full of gorgeous girls. Then he went into a room labelled hell. He looked through the door and saw is wife with a axe. He ran through another door and saw his father. He ran back through the door labelled hell and kept running until he reached a room filled with sweets, icecream and cakes. He was in heaven.

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