Preparation is key!

Not been a great week, not a bad one at all but not one I look back on and think ‘yes, got this sorted’.

Weekend was difficult, again nothing particularly bad about it.  Kids just pressed the wrong buttons a bit, I was just tired I expect (although Pete agreed).  Also I was in a lazy mood and didn’t go through and check that I had everything for the boys work this week or get much housework done.  I shot myself in the foot there because my mood is often related to how clean and tidy the house is (nags at the back of my mind and makes me feel guilty and cross if it’s a mess).  So wasn’t feeling refreshed on Monday.

We had difficulty staying focused, I got distracted by (my) work – I usually try and do an hour before we sit down in the morning but had a big job I wanted to tick off, they were distracted by Lego (now Jack has finally finished building his Christmas presents) and we were slow to start in the mornings, which immediately put us out.  Elderly neighbour wasn’t well and although I obviously don’t begrudge it at all we found ourselves running errands I hadn’t expected.

Didn’t have a map we needed so postponed Geography as I thought it was worth buying a local Ordinance Survey map, hadn’t printed Sam’s English so we were working from workbooks, I’d ordered a Chemistry set for Jack so we could do some experiments but of course it didn’t have all the things we needed in there…

So lesson learned. Goal for next week is to have everything ready on Sunday night!  And do the ironing and hoovering at the weekend!!!

This is some of what we did.

Made lots of dragons.  Can’t be bothered putting up all the photos but they are here with instructions.

And lots of pandas.  This is Jack’s gorgeous bag.  They will be up on Activity Village soon.

Looking at blood flow by holding a hand in the air for 2 mins and then comparing the colour with the other (should be white – drains of blood).

And showed how a heart valve only allows the blood to flow one way.

Learning about the origins of place names and finding examples.

Swimming.  Condensation, sorry, as soon as I wiped the lens it steamed back up – hydrotherapy pool and gets rather warm.  Difficult to see but Sam has one of these and they are brilliant.

Jack made a cake on his own (I was banned from kitchen).  Wasn’t an overwhelming success but was edible and I love that he will try.

And I proved I’m worth the money I’m paid by not only making, but eating (can’t stand waste), green eggs and ham.

And yes it wasn’t nice!

Apart from that the boys have been working their way through the ‘Walking with Monsters/Beasts/Dinosaurs’ dvds again.  They were so scratched Santa put new ones in Sam’s stocking having been a bit over watched.



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