We’re still here

Think I’ve got sinusitus – eyeballs and head hurt! Anyway I’ve been avoiding the computer as the pain is worse when I’m on it.  Boys are also coughing, sneezing and generally unwell so productivity has been low.  But here is a bit of a fill in the gaps while I wait for the boys to finish their maths and english.  Rest of today’s work is going to be done from the comfort of my bed (reading) or under the duvet on the settee (documentaries).

There have been planes

Paper ones at Cubs and Airfix ones at home.

And maps

Using the globe to locate members of the axis and the allies during WW2.

Jack has been learning about Map symbols.

 Jack has laces on his tapshoes for Gang Show so has been practising tying laces.

They had a cd-rom of French games that ties into the course they are following so they have played on that.

And chess.

Jack made a marble cake and has been practising the magic tricks he had for Christmas.

We also had a very nice morning at Portsmouth Dockyard with Claire and Oscar.

A bit rushed there but Lemsip and bed are calling.

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