Last week was school half term and it’s always a bit of an issue about whether these are normal workdays to us or not.  Up until the last couple of years it didn’t matter really, when Jack was younger we did much less structured work and there wasn’t the distinction between the days so much.  Now he’s older we are much more ‘schooly’ and it seems unfair to be asking him to work when he has friends knocking at the door wanting him to go out.

If I’m honest it was me who needed the break this time.  I’ve been ill since Christmas it seems, nothing awful, just non stop headaches, sinus pain in the eyes, wobbly legs and coughs and colds.  We’ve kept up with workbooks but I haven’t had the energy to do any of the more fun stuff with them, project work, crafts, cooking, experiments, going out etc and everything was feeling a bit dry.

On the other hand they have had a fidgety spell, struggling with concentration and a completely left to their own devices week was likely to be a disaster.  We’ve been letting them play and watch more X-box and TV while we’ve been unwell (Pete has been poorly too) and the deterioration in their behaviour (Jack’s in particular) is incredibly noticeable.  Pete and I commented yesterday that at one point you could almost see the brain matter leaking out of their ears.  There is a lot more I can say about this issue, but this was supposed to be a ‘photoblog’ post so I’ll come back to it when I have more time.

Anyway since it was too cold to be out playing much anyway I decided that the best course of action to balance the lack of focus and my need for a rest was abandoning regular workbooks and working through a self contained project.  A fun one too – Chocolate.

Because of my lack of energy we used a download from Hands of a Child.  Remembered how drab their stuff is though – years since we’ve done one.

They also did a Cadbury’s activity book each

 Which included this brilliant Aztec mask.

We also spent a lot of time in the kitchen

chocolate cakes
chocolate truffles
lemon and chocolate fondant whirls
chocolate fudge - LOTS of really yummy chocolate fudge

*Top tip – if you make fudge with cream cheese, try the new Philadelpia with Dairy Milk.  Sounds disgusting and can’t say I’d fancy it on a bagel, but makes really scrummy chocolate fudge.


Hands of a child lapbook

Pa Pa Paa




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