Hmm started this post 10 days ago, have a backlog of saved draft posts.  Aim for the weekend is to catch up!

This project has been rumbling along for too long so with the motivation that Jack had brought something home for a ‘World Faiths’ badge from Cubs, we dug in and finished it.

Cover page with the symbolic crescent and star
Notebooking pages looking at the prophet Mohammed
Finding out about the 5 Pillars of Islam
Information about mosques and a sand art mosque
Designed a prayer mat


And to finish off we looked in depth at the Qu'ran



The notebooking and pillar page I made myself. At some point they will make on to Activity Village but I suspect not for quite a while, we just have too much to do.

The mosque came from Baker Ross, they have a few Islamic inspired crafts.  Worth looking at Yellow Moon to see if they come in smaller packs if you only want a couple.

Prayer mat came from here

The Qu’ran stuff was a 5 week unit from Planbee


Islam by Trevor Barnes  (Book People set)

Islamic Stories by Anita Ganeri (another Book People set)

What I Believe by Andew Langley 

And every book on the subject in the library but I forgot to list them.






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