Keeper by Mal Peet is a book about a great goal keeper called El Gato who tells us the story of how he came from a poor loggers son to the winner of the world cup and the European cup. It is the first one of the Paul Faustino novels.

In it Gato tells the story of how he was always rubbish at football until he quit at thirteen. When he had quit football he started to go out into the woods to fill his afternoons. One day he meets the mysterious Keeper who starts to teach him football. When Gato is 16 he is really good at being in goal. His father makes him start working at the logging workshop. On Saturdays the logging teams have a football match and Gato is put on the team.

He shows so much skill in the logging team that he is picked up by an official football club called DSJ. After that he is taken by italy where he wins the European Cup. Then he comes into the Final for the world cup and wins. Gato tells Paul to write a book about him and the Keeper.

I really liked this book and what made it even better was that I love playing football and goalie is my favourite position on the field.

I would definetly recomend this for anyone.

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