Royal Marines Museum

Last Friday (or possibly the Friday before last by now- I lose track) we had a home ed group trip to the Royal Marines Museum in Southsea.

We started with a 20 min walk along the seafront in sub-zero temperatures and then had to hang around outside for 15 mins waiting for others.  We were rather chilly by that point and keen to get inside, but no such luck, the session started with 20mins military ‘drill’.

Must admit I had visions of the session going to pot at this point, with crying, refusing to participate children.   This was so far removed from what they are used to and he was very brusque and sarcastic.   But not one whimper of complaint, all instinctively sensing it was ‘role-play’, if anything they all seemed to rather enjoy it.  We mums didn’t, by this point we had huddled into a penguin formation in a desperate attempt to stay warm and shelter a baby, the announcement that we were going in was greeted with an enthusiastic cheer 🙂

Inside the children were given some background into who the Royal Marines were.

Then we moved upstairs to the World War 2 gallery for a bit of background into the war.  While this was going on us parents were amused by a ‘home front’ display, which had this cheesy, slightly sleazy looking man

…returning home to this…

She really doesn’t look pleased to see him 🙂

Into the education room, the children coloured a map of Portsmouth plotting likely bombing targets.

Then some of the children were dressed in Royal Marines uniforms (although not the green beret!).  Jack was dressed as a commando

…and taught to fire a gun (which apparently was very heavy).

After lunch.  We went around the museum itself, which is large and well worth a trip.  The favourite bits were the bunks

and the training area with a tunnel that was very popular.

Sam’s favourite part was an icy den.

A cold but good day out.

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