Flags, Flying Horses and Feeling Blueggh!

Crikey nearly 3 weeks since I last blogged.

Reasons being, I have been rather busy of an evening making flag printables for all the Commonwealth countries (54 – if you include the suspended Fiji – if you’re interested) for Activity Village.  I am going to have to insist that everyone I know does a project on Belize so the colouring flag gets used, it took hours to draw!

After a few hours of that an evening I couldn’t face any more time on the computer and have been working hard finishing off the birth sampler I started at Christmas for a baby which is 6 weeks old this week.  Pleased with the result though, although it was a right nightmare to find a frame to fit it.

Apart from that we’ve also lost our groove. Everyone seems to have been ill since Christmas, Sam and I came down with stomach bugs since I last blogged and even now Jack is in our bed now as he has a chest infection and is running a temperature.  Everyone has been low, grumpy and snappish and it has seemed a much more pleasant occupation of an evening to go to bed with my Kindle (have I mentioned that I love my Kindle) than to reflect on the day.

We have been up to stuff though and I’ll try and fill in some of the blanks later in the week as too tired now.

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  1. I’ll use the Belize resources as I used to live there. Something on the wildlife would be good, because I’d like to know what the poisonous beastie was that my older sister found in her stocking one Christmas morning…

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