Last week was National Science and Engineering week.  On Monday since we still had Grandpa Bob staying (hence transport) and Jack was far from back to his best, we abandoned the books after lunch and headed to Intech, a hands on science centre near Winchester.

Over the years there have been numerous home ed trips to Intech, and everyone has raved about it.  But because of the location and the fact they’ve usually been on a day where I need to be home by a set time we’ve never been so I was keen to see it.  Well lets just say we won’t be going again!

Don’t get me wrong the boys enjoyed it.  But we’ve been to a number of these centres and this one was poor in comparison.  Too many things didn’t work, only about half the exhibits had explanations and there were few staff on the floor and they didn’t interact with the kids at all.  It was all a bit tired and jaded.  Bob and I couldn’t help comparing it to Techniquest down on Cardiff Bay, which is bright, fresh, lots of friendly staff around (usually students), everything well explained, twice the size and cheaper!


2 thoughts on “Intech”

  1. Thanks for posting this. We were wondering about doing it this week, and now we’ll go to Marwell Zoo or the James Bond car exhibition instead depending on which child annoys me less!

  2. As you’ve got even further to travel I’d definitely not bother. Marwell is much nicer.
    If you are after something ‘sciency’ they have a nice gallery at the Submarine Museum in Gosport They have a Horrible Science exhibition at the end of the month open for quite a while with some special events on.

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