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At the start of the month we had a night up in London.  Towards the end of February it is mine and Pete’s birthday (same day – 10 years apart) and by sheer coincidence it is also our wedding anniversary 🙂  Rather than swapping presents we try and have a weekend away (to spoil the pair of us at the same time) as close as we can manage.  Not exactly a romantic break as we always take the kids and thanks to the constraints of Jack’s Gang Show rehearsals we could only manage one night.

The idea was we’d treat ourselves to a curry down Brick Lane.  We have now decided though that in 13 years we’ve never had a decent one there so we won’t bother again. Also in recent years a practice has developed of having people stand in the doorway, offering discounts and trying to persuade you in, has destroyed the whole charm of the place.   This time we went to a buffet restaurant to accommodate the boys and me (I tend to stick to vegetarian dishes as very fussy with meat) – 6 curries, 2 unspecified fish, 1 beef (bone in Pete’s experience), 1 chicken (with no chicken left in it – Jack had last piece), 1 veg (with very little veg left and 1 liver – I ask liver curry! In a buffet! Unfortunately by the time I got up to get my plate Pete and the boys had nearly finished theirs otherwise I’d have insisted we left.  As it was we then went to a cafe style place down the road and had a plate of mixed starters and popadoms as we were still hungry. And I still ended up with a Cadbury’s Creme Egg picked up from the corner shop on the way back to the hotel being the bulkiest part of my meal.  We opted to learn from the experience, see the funny side and leave behind our nostalgia for pre kids Friday nights out in favour of finding decent food in future 🙂

Anyway this isn’t supposed to be a restaurant review blog, although I’ll ask again liver curry ? in a buffet? what is that about???

Friday we took a bus through the City to the Museum of London.  Bit vague on what some of these are now I’m afraid…

Museum is well worth a trip.  Although there are no photos there was a fascinating area at the start about pre Roman London.

Then it was a walk through the City with time to lark about with a statue

Before going to the hotel

On Saturday we took a trip down Oxford Street and then spent a few hours in Hamleys, leaving with a Lego kit and a football kit for a toy rabbit!  Then home, a nice weekend.

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