Science Week

Carrying on with the Science week theme both boys did a Hands of a Child lapbook on the senses last week.


We looked at one of the senses each day


We made a ‘Whisper-ma-phone’ (from the Lorax) and played a gme recognising sounds and locations when blindfolded.



We dug out a box of Optical Illusions Jack had been given for Christmas last year and had fun with 3d specs and kleidoscopes.



We investigated changes in texture by feeling dry lentils and ones soaked in water, did a scavenger hunt based on finding things by texture, made a collage and tried to identify items by touch alone.



We looked at the link between taste and smell, trying to recognise dried fruit (similar look and texture) with nose held.



Plans went a bit awry here so we just did the paper and pen stuff.  Had planned something to do with strong smells and fans and timing how long the smell spread over the room.

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