Towards the end of last week we had a ‘sciency’ mood.





And not forgetting….


Building structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows.  Not connected to anything but I’d done it with my Rainbows the night before and it’s fun!  Sam went on to add so many more bits of spaghetti to this that they looked like it had walls, but unfortunately it collapsed before I got a picture.

Last Friday I took Sam to a Science workshop at the Kings Theatre in Southsea.  I spent many hours hanging around outside these things when Jack was younger and Sam was toddling so this time Pete took the day off so I could leave Jack behind (too old) and go in with Sam.  As it happens because I’d stayed down stairs to wait/make arrangements for late comers by the time I got up to the room, he was seated in the middle and it was long and thin and I had no chance of discretely slipping through to join him.  One of the staff were seated with them anyway.  So I hung out at the back gossiping quietly.  He had a lovely time though, if you want to see what they got up to it is best to look at Susie’s blog, she was more alert than me and took photos.

We then enjoyed a nice civilised lunch with friends at a nearby cafe.  I must admit it was very nice just having one with me, no negotiating, trying to balance competing wants.  And it is nice for Sam to spend time with friends his own age without Jack around.  Although they are Jack’s friends too and he will join in with their games he gets bored after a while and is then a pain in the bottom.  I should say the same is true in reverse.  I have no doubt that the boys get on much better than they would do if they went to school, but it is also clear as they get older that they need their own space, sepearate friends and activities more and more.  Tricky!

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