The best laid plans of mice and men…

…are sometimes incompatible and someone has to lose.

On Friday that someone was me.  Standing on my computer chair in my dressing gown, at 6.30am, drinking my morning coffee, while a mouse ran around the bottom of it was not a good start to the day 🙁

That would be why there was no practical activities in the smell section of the Senses project!

Having spent an hour cleaning behind oven and setting down poison etc (once upon a time I favoured humane traps, now I have a just get rid of them view and as Pete is the one who has to dispose of them I leave it to him) I was feeling rather jumpy.  So we all went out for breakfast.

Didn’t fancy going straight home so boys and I went down to the park on the beach.  Jack agreed to walk along the top promenade – was still jumpy, but a small step on conquering the dog fear.


Having been beautiful and springlike all week, it was cold though.   So after an hour or so we left and went for a hot chocolate and cream tea in the newish (first time we’ve been anyway) tea shop in the village.  Then pottered around the village before home where we rushed off the last of the senses project and they went out to play with friends while I got on with some work (with my feet up on a chair – I’m not that brave!).

3 thoughts on “The best laid plans of mice and men…”

  1. Hi Sarah, don’t you know someone with a friendly dog for Jack to get to know (maybe even that would too difficult for him)?
    Oh and we have the mouse problem too, although can’t bare the poison option! Lynn (&Finn)

  2. Good luck with Jack and the dogs. My 9 year old had the same problem and it took 2 years of patience and a lot of support from local dog walkers before he could differentiate between ‘big bad wolf’ dogs and ‘well trained and under control’ dogs.

  3. Thanks. He is actually okay with dogs at peoples houses (well apart from one but that one bites!), I think because he is more in control of the situation. Again he’s fine if they are on leads. He doesn’t cope with unpredictability well.
    Little steps and taking a friend with us (distraction/bravado) seem to be working so far, touch wood.

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