Double Figures!

See he was cute once!

Last Monday was Jack’s birthday.  Coming 2 days after Gang Show and with most of his friends going back to school we passed it uneventfully.

A lie in, brioche for breakfast and present opening (mostly money!) took up the morning.

We’d bought him a Kindle and he had some Amazon vouchers so he spent some time browsing and downloading books.

So he had something to unwrap (we’d let him have his Kindle early to encourage lie ins during Gang Show week) I’d got him a collectors folder and some packs of Match Attax cards.  So time was spent sorting those.  And I’d made him a Tatty Ted picture.

At lunch there was cake of course.

Afternoon was spent having a family party play on the X box Kinect until Pete and I collapsed in an exhausted heap and the boys played Lego Star Wars until it was time to take Sam to Beavers.  Pete, Jack and I nipped to the pub, before collecting Sam and a Chinese take away for birthday tea as requested by Jack.

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