Yes I’m late I know!

In the run up to Easter we found ourselves busy; seeing schooled friends, attending activities at the library and having friends around and of course Pete was off the last day and a half of the week.  The result was although we weren’t ‘on holiday’ there was not a great deal of work done, but what we did we had fun with.

We looked at symmetry.


And co-ordinates


Logic (sudoku)


And wrote stories


One of the advantages of my work is that I always have a bank of these sort of activities to draw on.

Easter itself slipped by in a blur of Gang Show rehearsals, but we did find time to dye some eggs using home-made natural dyes.

Unfortunately I didn’t photograph the immediately and they faded a bit, the photo doesn’t how them well (part. green and pink) but we were pleased.  They were all boiled for 10mins in a mix of water, white vinegar and our colour.

Brown was coffee, yellow turmeric, pink beetroot, blue red cabbage.  The blue needed an hour or so soaking to get the colour.  Green were eggs dyed yellow and then soaked in the blue dye.

We also found time for baking, Easter nests and carrot cakes.

Sam made the paper chick he’d had as a birthday present and been hoarding for Easter.

We made Easter crowns


And of course there were chocolate eggs!

And finally here’s our season table.

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