Fun days

Following Gang Show, I felt Jack needed a holiday so we left the books alone. We had a quiet week getting back into the swing of groups and activities.  Not for the first time I was thankful he wasn’t in school, his friends were struggling with tiredness while he was having long lie ins, one day until 12.30! (Kindle helped!)

I busied myself getting up to date with Rainbow and household stuff and feel a lot happier without little things nagging at the back of my mind.

We also had a crafty splurge for work, in preparation for Olympics and Jubilee.

On Friday we were supposed to be meeting another home ed family in Southampton to go to the Titanic exhibition at the new Maritime Museum.  Unfortunately they were in quarantine for a sickness bug, so plans fell through.  However, as Jack had found what he wanted to spend his birthday money on in Toys R Us, we decided to go anyway for lunch and a potter round the shops.

We found a lovely ‘chocolate cafe‘ for lunch, where they sold cups of melted chocolate with your choice of sweets to dip in.  Think this is our regular place now (regular, as in the once a year trip into town).

Bit more of a potter and it was home to play with lego.

Ta da a dragon.

And the cat and rabbit got new outfits!

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