…no not sibling, boys are getting on well at the moment, it’s me who’s jealous!

Over the years I’ve got used to the kids beating me at games and things.  I even lost a chess game to Sam recently.  There are lots of things they do better than me or know more about.  Generally the only emotion I feel about that is pride, I’m pleased for them. And if I’m honest for myself too.  Yes, Jack’s spelling may be as good (if not better) than mine, but that must mean something is going right with his education.

But there are one or two little dreams I had when I was younger.  One in particular relates to a certain TV programme of which from the age of 7/8 I rarely missed.  Over the years I must have raised £100’s for their various appeals as I always took part.  Now Jack rarely watches it, has a spell of watching for a few weeks and then forgets and loses interest.

But look!

A second one!!!! Oh yes, there are a variety now-a-days!

It is not fair!!!!!! E-mail, now if email had existed when I was a girl…

On the plus side they read his story (why he got the badge – first was for a poem) and sent him a badge rather than contacting social services.

(I am proud of him really!)

The find of a lifetime

My name is Jack and I am about to tell you a story. Not one of rubbish made up baloney stories with cats in hats and foxes in socks. Not of space battles and demons. Nor of glamorous highway robbers and detectives deducting clues.

 This is not one of those stories with aliens or underground monsters. No my friends this is a true story of one night when I was 14.

 I was once walking down the road late at night when this crazy idiot jumped out of the bush.

 He must of had one too many at the pub because he started chasing me with a jagged bit of a broken bottle. I knew I had to get away from him quickly so I ran for the river with him in hot pursuit.

 When I got to the river I jumped in and swam away before he could follow. When I was sure he wasn’t following me I trod water for a minute.

That’s when I noticed the crocodile. It was gliding slowly towards me with a menacing look. I swam desperately to shore.

 When I climbed up I was in a spooky graveyard. Suddenly the drunkard who had chased me walked towards me.

 “Everything is going to plan” he said “I lured you to my robot croc and the croc brought you here. “What do you want with me”? I yelled.

 The man told me he must kill me to bring treasure out of the earth.

 I came up with a plan. I dodged behind the gravestones and hid behind the robot.

 I opened a control panel in the crocs head and set it to self destruct. I dived into the river as the croc blew up shattering the man who wasn’t drunk and some of the ground. When I swam back to shore there was a treasure chest in the ground.

7 years later

I’m sitting in my mansion now writing this and I hope the story will be passed on for generations.

The end

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