Pontins, Somerset

Well it wasn’t as bad as we feared.  The room while not cleaned particularly well had been newly refurbished so no ground in muck.

Facilities were fine.  Kids loved the swimming pool and slide.  They had a games room for Jack where we played lots of table tennis and an indoor play centre for Sam.  They loved just being able to play outside the accommodation with other kids though and despite it being term time there were lots of older ones about.

Won’t go down as a great holiday as off-site the area wasn’t very nice.

The beach, while looking pretty…

…wasn’t good to play on.  The sea was far out and there were big signs warning of quicksand at low tide so we didn’t fancy the sea (which is all Jack wants to do at the beach).  The wind whipped the soft sand everywhere and it stung.  In fact on the second day when Sam and I tried to go down (Pete and Jack refusing to go) we couldn’t even get down.  Although it wasn’t really windy there was that much sand blowing that it swept straight in your face.  We found a sheltered spot in the dunes and played there instead.

The road we were on was just one caravan park after another.  Buying food was a bit of a battle, a couple of uninspiring and overpriced takeaways and the expensive and very limited onsite shop.

By Thurs we decided to escape and caught the bus to Weston Super Mare.  Which was dismal.  Town was really run down and the pier while being redeveloped was now so loud that you couldn’t spend any time there.  On the plus side The Works had loads of good books in their sale.

We did spent ages in the arcades opposite the park which had loads of cheap bits to play on and after winning loads of tickets the boys joyful collected a load of tat.

Kids had lots of fun anyway, the weather was beautifuk and we’ve not been put off Pontins (good as we’re going to the Hastings one in Sep), just Somerset 🙂



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