Last week we had a bit of a Titanic theme.

We started off on Sunday with a visit to SeaCity in Southampton.  The photos aren’t great sorry but I was on no flash setting as I wasn’t supposed to take any, sneaked a few at the start but missed the one interesting bit which was the court room.

He'll steer it away from that iceberg
eye spy...
Deciding who to save
modern lifebelt
Titanic style lifebelt

The museum was rather rubbish really, no soul and nothing that really fired mine or the kids interest.  We had a very nice day though as we met up with a lovely family we’d met through A Little Bit of Structure.

For the rest of the week we worked though various little bits to flesh it out.

fact worksheet

We looked at replica packs and in particular the posters and they drew their own with oil pastels. 


We talked about why people would have been on the Titanic. Discussed that many would have been emigrating and we looked at what they would take if they had to pack everything into one bag.


We researched the different types and prices of accommodation and made first class tickets.


We plotted the route using longitude and latitude.

And used the timeline of events to practice handwriting and telling the time.

We made and sank models


And having seen at the museum the diversity of novels available that feature the Titanic (Indian Jones and Dinosaurs stick out) they wrote Dr Who stories on the Titanic.


We also read



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