Bang Goes the Theory Roadshow

Jack opted for strategic positioning here 🙂

Yesterday we went over to Poole to watch the Bang Goes The Theory roadshow.  It was really well done.  Possibly Sam was a little young to really get the most out of it.  But as the whole thing was themed on what could kick a football hardest, man or a rocket powered football boot they had Jack’s attention. Definitely knew their audience.

After the show and lunch we spent a couple of hours in Poole park.

Where we met up with other home educators going to the later showing.  Sam has decided he likes Monster very much as he ‘listens’ to him, the fact that Monster has the very useful ability to tune Sam out so Sam can chunter on as long as he wants is neither here nor there. Sam doesn’t need any response, as far as he’s concerned he has a captive audience.

Then we went to the ‘hands on’ tent where Sam had a go at shouting as loud as he could.  Which was actually not very, as unlike everyone else who went for one sound like ‘ahh’, Sam  went for a mini monologue 🙂

Having a race to see who could get water to flow quickest from one bottle to the other.
How the professionals do it - whirlpool!
Conducting electricity - Sam liked this one
No idea, not sure Jack did either. Something to do with clouds I think!
measuring how fast they can throw a ball
And Jack's turn.

Then a potter about the shops, where I treated Jack to some cds as he is getting in to listening to music in his room.  Michael Jackson’s Bad and Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast – his choice :-).  Thornton’s ice creams and a discount book store rounded it off.

Then turning up on speck at the station, our train was just pulling in.  At Southampton we had to run as connection was on the platform and then Pete picked us up.  Never had such a smooth journey.

At home we watched the second half of the football, had a takeaway pizza, Jack wrote the first chapter of his new James Bond inspired story. Yes it is violent – I’m starting to accept that that is just boys (although not all boys of course) and laugh – taken me long enough.  Sam coloured in a world map (that Pete drew and unjustly got berated for always missing off Iceland) – red, which probably meant he was playing a war game in his head and there was mass slaughter…

Another very good day.

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