Home sick

We’re just back from a week and a half at my Dad’s in N Wales.  When the kids were young I used to be so relieved to get home as the trip would leave me physically exhausted and mentally drained, now the kids are older and able to cope with the strangeness better I just feel sad to leave.  Don’t get me wrong I miss Pete of course and it is nice to be in my own house.  But Wales will always be home.

Lee is a lovely place to live (much nicer than the town I grew up in) and I have friends down here I’d miss if we left.  But apart from Pete and the boys the people I love are all back up in N Wales and I miss them a lot.  It’s over 7 hrs each way so really a once a year trip.  Oh well we’re not in a position to move up and even if we could I’m not sure we would, the boys are settled here.

So holiday was off to a bad start as the first day was my Aunt’s funeral.  Not an easy day. My aunt was a wonderful woman who has been ill for 20 years but kept her spirit and her sense of humour throughout and I will miss her hugely.  But she also represented a link to my mum as they were extremely close sisters and the day was full of little reminders that my mum is not here and without my aunt here my mum feels that bit more distant.

Anyway, cheering up a bit.  After the funeral we collected the kids from my friend’s and went for ice cream.  There is a farm near Chester where they make their own ice cream and they have lots of activities for kids.  It was very wet so we settled for just an ice cream and a run around the ‘pig maze’.

Sam and ice cream
The ‘pig maze’

Saturday was wet again so I took the boys into Chester for a potter.

Chester Rows
Chester Cathedral from the roman walls

Sunday,we went round to my oldest friend’s house for lunch and I got to cuddle a gorgeous baby.  I tried to get a photo by giving the baby to Jack – that didn’t end well!  No permanent damage done though 🙂

Monday and the sun finally came out so it was off to the beach.

in the cage – peace!

The tide was in when we got there so there was time for a play in the park.





As soon as the sand was visible it was onto the beach and into the sea.

There were also sandcastles (and a sand fish!)


And football!



Tuesday was nippier so we went out to lunch

And they had a park

And then to the Ice Cream Farm again for pudding.  Since it wasn’t raining we got to see all the areas which they have added since last year.

There were playgrounds


and a model coe you could ‘water’
Sam had a go at panning for (fools) gold and yes I have a bag of grit!

And there were quad bikes!


Weds was supposed to be really hot so back to the beach.  Unfortunately stiff sea wind was chilling so not much sea this time.

Thurs was cold and wet so we went into Mold to have breakfast with my sister and nephew (who is off school having finished his GCSEs which makes me feel very OLD!) and a very quick potter about the shops.  Then back to Grandad’s where I drew a map of Avantia (Beast Quest) for Sam to scribble all over.

Jack read

And they both drew


Friday was wet but we went up the hills

Then we nipped to the shops to get the 100th Blue Nose Friend!


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