Home days

This summer the boys are very much keen to entertain themselves and are off out to play most of the time – barely see Jack.

Means I have more time to myself than I’ve had for a long time.  But as ever as one demand on my time lessens, others increase.  Work is exceptionally busy to the level and the household jobs that have been let alone for too long continue to demand attention.

Yesterday was spent tidying out the shed and disposing of various bits on freecycle and tidying out the kitchen to accommodate a big supermarket delivery.

In the spirit of tidying out the cupboards we decided to turn various ends of bags into

Gingerbread medals


Biscuits came from the co-op but they applied the decorations.  We are big fans of the edible gold spray.

Mint Choc Chip cakes

They are a more enticing shade of green than they look here.

Cherry Bakewell cakebars

And Jack popped in at some time to knock up a toffee cake.  Only help needed was to get it in the tin as he had a problem with the liner.  My boy is growing up – not sure if that should be 🙁 or 🙂  If he continues with the nice cakes I’ll definitely go for 🙂

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