I saw seven ships go sailing by…

Actually I think it should be ‘I saw three ships come sailing in’, but that didn’t work at all.

And as it happened we didn’t see them sail by as it started raining very hard. We just saw them coming out of Southampton and even that wasn’t very clear thanks to the mist…

Yesterday marked the 175th anniversary of P&O cruises and all 7 of their cruise ships set out from Southampton at the same time.

Pete was late back because of the traffic so we ran (or hobbled fast in my case) down to the beach.  Unfortunately no Red Arrows thanks to the mist.

You have to squint, there are ships there I promise.  I had no idea until I moved down here how big and impressive cruise ships are.  I remember the first time I saw the Queen Mary II (not one of these), I was on the bus going to an OU exam and as we turned on to the bridge into Southampton as one the whole bus drew a breath and went wow!

A hovercraft! Also impressive to see – if bumpy to ride (living by the sea is great!).

Like most of the kids down there Sam was more interested in throwing stones.

We left before the ships came past as the rain was coming down hard and owing to leaving the house in a hurry I’d realised half way there I was in my slippers!!!

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