Sunshine at last

…bit too hot for us actually.

The boys have been saving birthday money from Pete’s aunt for a few years.  But the bank they were with (Santander) has the most inefficient procedures so it takes at least 20 mins to pay a cheque in and there have been a few years I’ve not got round to paying them in.  So now I have my passport and things like that are easier, I’ve closed the accounts and will open them new ones with the bank in the village or the Post Office.

But there was enough money in the accouts for some Moshi Monsters Mega Bloks for Sam


And a new bike for Jack


And a scooter too


The sword is from the fair on Tues but it is a nice picture 🙂


A lovely day; some playing, a bit of work, bike riding, friends to play for the afternoon, Moshi Monsters, Fifa 11 and football in the park – although I don’t like the heat life is nicer when the sun shines.


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