Neither boys are good swimmers.  Well Jack can swim underwater holding his nose, and in a fashion on the water and Sam not at all.  However both love the pool and we go every week.

We are lucky enough to have a private hydrotherapy pool 10 mins walk away and it is lovely.  We hire it for an hour every Saturday, it is expensive but when I factor in bus fares it is cheaper than going with the HE group to the pool in Fareham (by a lot when you take out the hot chocolates and cakes in the cafe afterwards).  It is small, warm and only the three of us in there.  I can swim while the boys play.  They may not swim well but they are confident bobbing and doggy paddling about and because it is small and there are no other people in there I don’t need to hover I am only ever about 3 seconds away.

Last week I had one of those rushes of blood to the head that I get occasionally and decided to try and teach Sam to swim.  You will not be surprised to learn it was a unmitigated disaster, Sam doesn’t do ‘taught’.  This week I cut my losses and we stuck to playing.

Part of me feels guilty that they can’t swim and are therefore at risk of drowning (really shouldn’t read Mumsnet).  But not sure what I can do about it, both are adamant and have been from a very young age that they are not doing lessons.  But they have a tendency to throw hissy fits if I try and encourage them.

On the other hand I’m not a great swimmer either (hate getting ears in the water) and it has never stopped me.  Kids are happy. And you never know it may just click one day … or I may even find a noseclip that fits Jack, I’ve tried a fair few…




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