Wow! I did not expect that!

Last week was a good week, a very good week in fact.

Normally we (me as much as the kids) have trouble getting back into the swing of everyday life after a long break.  But contrary to expectations everyone was productive, motivated and enjoying their work.

Jack finished off his last chapter of Galore Park English, History and Science, and last 3 chapters of Maths and that brings us to the end of the Junior books.  Sam finished off his Developing Literacy books and the Greek lapbook we seem to have been working on forever.  He finished off his Year 1 Maths a few months ago so we’re working on Yr 2.

So that brings us to the ‘end of term’.  I suspect if I look back at what I’d wanted to achieve this year there is a lot of bits gone by the wayside, projects not done (although some others done in their place), Latin abandoned again (I hate Minimus) and don’t even start me on Geography.

But for the moment I prefer to look back on what we have achieved.  The most obvious step forward is Sam and his reading, which is now incredibly fluent.  But Jack has strode forward, his confidence and belief in his own ability have improved dramatically and this has fed into everything he has done.

We’ve had our dips and our times when I’ve felt like throwing in the towel this year but we’ve come through it as we always do.  Home Education is wonderful and my boys are amazing.

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